civil works field manager and supervisor

The professional career has seen me engaged around three years as Civil Work Supervisor and Field Manager in the international area and on behalf of an Italian holding Company at its African branch. The engagement is related to FIDIC model of International Agreement.

The experience acquired to date, which exceeds my established technical limit in the years of free-professional activity, allows me today to tend to tasks that are important and which bring me in relation with Apparatuses, Organizations and Institutions of international importance.

The continuous presence on the African area and in different Nations of the Continent has granted me a certain human advancement.

The relationships developed, the appreciations received, the friendliness of the people I met and hanged out with, also pushes me to stay in different geographical scenario as in Eastern Africa and Middle East too.

I’m available to perfect my professional skill if You decide is needed a period of training. At the same time, I’m available for a SKYPE call for a short interview if needed.

Is not important for me to come back Italy cause I’ve a friendly support in Kampala (UG).

Related to the offered professional fee and to the undertaken personal tasks at date, I will reserve the right to begin within two weeks.

Last Resume Update July 18, 2020
Address ruvo di puglia, Italy
E-mail [email protected]
Phone Number +393286713027


LEONARDO Technologies and Services Ltd - Nairobi _ KENYA
civil work supervisor
Oct 2016 - Jan 2019

civil work supervisor and field manager on site in different countries as Ethiopia Kenya Uganda and Somalia
_ technical management on site
_ technical and commercial relationship with building contractor
_ technical and commercial relationship with third part suppliers
_ technical and diplomatic relationship with local, regional, Country anr International Authorities (UN) and Their delegates

free lance architect consultant
Jan 2000 - Current

project and program managerment for:
_ interior design
_ industrial design
_ communication and brand corporate


University of Florence - ITALY
Nov 1986 - Nov 1998

College of Architecture _ Architectural Design Department

" Tursiope I " : oceanographic research’ sloop.
Outfitting of interior and deck; arrangement of scientific equipments. Relief and study of the hull’s original structural draw of OCEANO 54.

Main field of studies:
Interior and Deck yacht design - Sails’ aero-hydrodynamics - Oceanographic survey procedure - Special Equipment for Oceanography - History of Sailing Boats

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