Manager Sales Support and Branch Operations
      • A results-oriented professional with over TWELVE years of experience in banking Operations, Retail Banking functions, and Microfinancing services. A leader with an innovative, influential and engaging style, with the skills and capacity to drive and manage strategic growth with a genuine customer-centric focus within a company or an organization.
      • Provider of banking services for target Micro, Retail and corporate customer segment and to achieve healthy growth in profitability.
      • Demonstrated ability to shoulder cross-functional responsibilities independently and effectively in-branch banking, service level, audit, and compliance, sales, and marketing.
      • Demonstrated success in effective relationships with clients creating and leading innovative approaches to changes.
      • A solid grasp of key business management skills, strategic vision, creative thinking, and pre-activity.
      • Manifests initiative and self-reliance in a fast-paced, collaborative working environment. Enthusiastic and people-oriented with adaptable teamwork.
      • A Stakeholder manager with the ability to draw on and utilize the expertise and skills of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and providers to deliver tangible and recognizable result into the future.
Last Resume Update February 20, 2020
Address kampala, Uganda
Phone Number 0772928388

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