Experienced Forester and Climate Change Expert


I have over thirty-five years competence in Program Management - including Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Disbursement, Property Control, and Personnel Management. Demonstrated strengths are in the areas of Program Development, Management Planning and Implementation, Budget Analysis, and Monitoring and Evaluation. I have a proven ability to manage yearly budgets in excess of US$150 million.

I have served through Rank and File from Program Officer through Deputy Chief of Party to Executive Director positions. In the latter positions, I assumed full financial and operational responsibility of all project activities as overall Accounting Officer. This has been the case when I served as Executive Director for Associates for Strategic Resource Development and Environmental Management (ASRDEM), where I took charge of 4 Country Managers having a total of 457 staff in four East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

As Programmes Director with the British Council, I took charge of all Programme activities in a Cluster of 12 countries in Eastern Africa ranging from Ethiopia to South Africa.

As Deputy Chief of Party under DAI, I oversaw project activities for the PRIME (Productive Resource Investment for Managing the Environment) project where my main activity was to review, update, validate and make sure there was timely implementation of the Project Workplan. I took charge of 167 workers under different categories of District and County coordinators.

As Project Manager for the GEF/UNDP/WWF Project for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Albertine Rift Forests, I was the official liaison focal person between the Project Management Unit (PMU) and Steering Committee on the one hand, and between PMU and Implementing Partners, Government and Local Communities on the other hand. In doing this, I undertook the overall responsibility of being Secretary to the Steering Committee meetings and Chairman of meetings for the twelve Implementing Partners. I also coordinated meetings between the Donor, project and Government. I was particularly tasked to ascertain that the Executing Agency – Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning – was kept abreast with all project activities.

As Community Conservation Coordinator with Makerere University Biological Field Station at Kibale Forest National Park, I undertook oversight of the law enforcement strategy for the protection of the 782 Sq. mile Kibale Forest National Park that was coupled with an outreach strategy that encouraged local farmers peripheral to the National park get involved in such activities that would mitigate their impact on the National Park. Under this docket were associated activities of research, environmental education and capacity building of both Park staff and local community members. Because of changes that prevailed at the time, Kibale and Semliki National parks worked together as newly created gazetted Protected Areas and the care and wellbeing of the Batwa indigenous people in Semliki areas was entrusted under us at the Outreach project of Kibale Forest Park. I thus led a crew of 54 Rangers (27 for Kibale and 27 for Semliki Parks), 267 workers and 7 Research students.

I am experienced working in high-risk environments, having worked under UN Security Phase IV (Programme Suspension) in UNHCR in Arua as Environment Coordinator, and in WFP in Kitgum as Head of the Sub Office. In both instances, security at some point deteriorated to the point of only retaining essential staff. I have also served as Coordinator for United Nations projects under Country and later, Regional Programs.

I now work with the Private Sector Forum, a business-oriented forum striving to maintain their business interests amid climate changes that affect profitability. It is against this uphill task that they have partnered with the World Bank to mitigate environmental climate changes.

I am experienced in identifying, preparing and implementing research programs. I am skilled in gathering, compiling and analyzing scientific data and translating it into user-friendly interpretations for the end manager. Proven experience is in dissemination of synthesized data on soil and plant nutrition to recipient sites in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have on record seven publications in this area.

I am particularly experienced in assessing candidate's skills and instruction requirements from the User to Technical Manager levels and in designing and delivering the complementary non-formal education programs needed to address these requirements. I worked for six years with Makerere University Biological Field Station in delivering training to different Formal and non-Formal clients.

I am fluent in most Word Processing software (from the old Word Perfect 5.1 to higher Windows versions, MS Word), Spreadsheets (Excel, Lotus, and Quattro Pro) and PowerPoint. I have been specifically trained to Program in Pascal.

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