Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir Engineer with 20+ years of experience.Reservoir Engineer with 23 years of experience in oil & gas industry, performed Field Development Plans (FDP); Implementation and Monitoring EOR/IOR projects; Reservoir Management of carbonates and clastics environment saturated with heavy oil; Reservoir Simulation; Geological Model Building and Optimization; Reservoir heterogeneity and Fracture characterization; Production Optimization; Fluid flow and well Productivity Analysis; Well Test design and Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA); Well Log interpretation; Volumetric Reserves Estimating and Classification; Risk and Economic evaluation; Describe Fluid Behavior (PVT); Reservoir Rock Properties Interpretation (SCAL); Extensive Knowledge in Exploration, Drilling horizontal and multilateral wells and Production technologies. Good understanding of geology, geophysics, petrophysic. Some Offshore experience.
MSc Reservoir Engineering in France and BS Petroleum Geology in Moscow.
Proficient in many petroleum software. Excellent presentation, project management and teaching skills. Worked with multidisciplinary teams. Coach and mentor younger members of team.
Native Spanish and fluent in English, French and Russian
Seeking a challenging position with an E&P or Service Company on a full-time or contract basis. Willing to travel internationally.

Last Resume Update September 7, 2020
Address Cardenas, Cuba
E-mail [email protected]
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Reservoir Engineer
May 2015 - Current

Perform integrated studies to establish Field Development Plan to a green reservoir.
Perform short and long-term reservoir depletion strategies based on optimized reservoir studies/ management plans.
Perform reservoir surveillance activities in a Waterflood Project. Coordinate with operations department to optimize daily production and water injection performance.
Participate in several well test interpretations and hydraulics modeling for wellbore analysis.

Reservoir Engineer
Apr 2009 - Oct 2014

Provided reservoir engineering support to improve reservoir characterization studies using geologic static and hydrodynamic models, and reservoir simulation in Varadero Field (largest oil field in Cuba).
Updated and improved reservoir static models. Developed and implementation of 3D reservoir simulation studies (black oil and compositional), including sectors and full field simulation.
Performed history matching, reserve calculations, production analyses and forecasts, risk & uncertainty analyses. Creating and optimization of forecast cases.
Participated in the studies of implementation of new Down Hole Flow Control Device.
Implemented integrated studies for the characterization of natural fracture network. Developed structural maps and cross sections, integrating petrophysical studies, biostratigraphy, seismic and sedimentation with the geological model, Provided input data integration with other disciplines.
Took art in Definition, Implementation and Monitoring a Waterflood project in a mature field. Defining early water breakthrough.
Performed Reservoir Management of heavy oil saturated and naturally fractured carbonate reservoir and in clastic environment.
Achieved design, Quality Control (QC) and interpretation of well test and Pressure Transient Analysis within the control and the support of the G&G Technical Advisor (faults/fractures, dual porosity).
Identified and recommended reservoir studies for the development of the fields, accomplishing Fluid displacement analysis and recognizing opportunities for increasing reserves and production levels in the fields, and to ensure optimal development and depletion strategies.
Performed several Fluid flows and well productivity analysis for different Scenario. Nodal analysis and Injection Well performance.
Performed Field Surveillance activities, leading engineers team, making daily control of production test, managing limit fluid rate, BHP, GOR and BSW % for each well, area and field, in order to maximize recovery efficiency and improve the field economics.
Performed material balance modeling, production decline analysis, production planning implementation and workflows.
Coached and Trained new engineers in reservoir engineering basics. Was part of the National Reservoir Engineering Committee for analyzing and approving national reservoir engineering strategies.

Reservoir Engineer
Apr 2008 - Apr 2009

Supervised reserves and resource evaluation process and its Certification.
Provided guidelines, plans and actions for best reservoir and wells optimization and management.
Participated in the analysis and approval of new locations and their productive potential.
Prepared, implemented, monitored and updated Field Development Plans (FDP).
Implemented new technologies for production optimization and EOR strategies.
Formulate reservoir development, data acquisition, strategic surveillance and monitoring master-plans to ensure optimal development and depletion strategies.

Reservoir Engineer
Sep 1991 - Apr 2008

Performed volumetric calculations. Participates in the preparation of Book of Reserves and resource.
Designed well tests and Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), well interference and impulse tests.
Performed Cased and open-hole well log analysis and interpretation. Production log interpretation.
Performed Reservoir heterogeneity and characterization studies in several fields
Ensured the acquisition of geological, production, drilling, geophysical and reservoir engineering data, and its integration with other kind of documentation into databases. Designing and defining the structure of the database information.
Participated in several project of horizontal and multilateral well drilling.
Built geological static models and implementation of dynamic models for several reservoirs, performed history match and reservoir numeric simulation (black oil and compositional).
Performed Field Surveillance activities, making daily control of production behavior for each well, area and field.
Identified candidates, input in screening and implemented Improved and Enhanced Oil/Gas Recovery (IOR/EOR) programs of different scales and economic evaluation of these projects. Participated in the selection of Pilot scheme project of CO2 injection.
Identified and proposed production optimization opportunities by identifying work-over and development candidates for maximizing production from developed reserves.
Followed laboratory measurements, describing Fluid Behavior (PVT); Reservoir Rock Properties Interpretation (SCAL) and assure the Quality Control, evaluate and integration of the results


Rueil-Malmaison Center, French Petroleum Institute (IFP School), France.
Masters degree in Exploration & Production specialized in Reservoir Engineering;
Sep 1995 - Jul 1996
Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Russia.
Bachelors Degree in Petroleum Geology
Sep 1986 - Jul 1991

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