Experienced Business skills trainer/Mentor

In summary:

My Name is Christine Namaganda, I hold a Master of Business Administration (Project management option) and also a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship and small business management. For the past 13 years i have been engaged in consultancy specifically conducting specialized training and mentorship for the different categories of clients. I am a senior researcher and in this i have conducted/headed a team in the various research activities ranging from idea generation, proposal preparation, data collection tools, data collection, data analysis, report preparation and results dissemination.

In detail the following is my list of skills, experience  and specialty:



PERSONAL INFORMATION       Christine Namaganda

Plot M118, Port bell Road P.O. Box 1337 Kampala Uganda

+256 773 828 083   +256 703 638 910

[email protected]

Lecturer Makerere University Business School Uganda

Consultant in Researcher, M &E /Trainer /Business Mentor

Sex Female | Date of birth 20 October 1981

Special skills:

  • Training skills
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Group formation skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Research skills
  • Team Building geared towards targeted achievement
  • Report writing and presentation skills


2014 to 2017:                          Individual consultant in Training and Mentorship for USAID Uganda , Private Sector Foundation Uganda, PACE Uganda, UHMG Uganda and Centenary Bank Uganda


Participated in the designing of the different training modules. Trained and mentored personnel in the Private Health facilities under the USAID Health as a Business Programme (HaaB), UHMG clinics, Private Clinics for PACE skills development programme under Profam Franchise clinics.


Trained and mentored on Centenary Bank Super woman programme. Here, i concentrated on the businesses under general merchandise and retail, fishing business, construction businesses and real estate businesses (Rentals on small scale).


The tasks executed were but not limited; facilitating in the training of different modules to the health personnel and other business men in the Western, Eastern and Central Uganda.


After training, i am allocated to specific medical clinics/businesses for which i mentor so as to help them practice the trained skills and also improve on their business practices. Ideally here i show them practically how to implement the issues/ skills that were passed on during the training (I.e, finance and Business management skills) in their respective private clinics /businesses and also tackle other individual challenges for each clinic in as far as business operations are concerned.


2006 to date:                          Trainer/ Mentor for MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre, for businesses under the Business clinics Programme


I have designed and facilitated on individualized trainings of different business skills and mentorship to different businesses owners/staff in the in areas such as Finance management skills (Cashbooks, Financial Statements, and Cash flow management), Business plan development skills and practice, Feasibility studies skills and practice, Marketing skills, Leadership skills, business start-up and management among others.


1n 2010, i participated in training and developing the business plan training programme for the youth under the YEF fund/grant. The youth were later helped in developing their personalized business plans basing on their respective ideas for which the YEF fund/grant was to give them a business implementation.


Have been an assessor/panelist at different business plan competitions organized by the MUBS Entrepreneurship centre.


Feb-October, 2017                             IIRR Trainer and Mentor in Entrepreneurship and Business skills


This was done under the UN Women project for the women entrepreneurs in Kampala Divisions. Trained and mentored IIRR community mentors that were to take on the mentoring role in their respective divisions in Kampala


                                                            Participated in the preparations of training modules for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Human resource, Business planning, Marketing and customer care, financial literacy, Climate change and food security among others for three days thereafter trained and mentored the women mentors and guided them throughout the mentorship programme.


March 2016- to date              Trainer/ Business development specialist

                                                Holy Trinity Father’s Union in Uganda and Kenya

This involved conducting various trainings in the area of business startup and management among others. Then after handled each participant’s tailored problem in terms of what they do in business or what they want to do especially for the starters in business. This helped the Business men and potential business men to confidently run or startup business respectively.


2007 to 2011:                          Individual consultant/ Trainer

                                                Access International Corporate Trainers (AICT), Kampala


Trained different professionals in the areas of strategic management skills; project planning & management; Monitoring & Evaluation; Project implementation & review and entrepreneurship development; This exposed me in the learning to prepare and conduct tailored based trainings in relation to the client’s roles and responsibilities at work place.


Trainer for Poverty scope, measure and eradication. I got a deeper understanding of the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) Uganda.


January 2006 to date:                         Lecturer Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

                                                1337 Port Bell Road Kampala

Key facilitator in Strategic management, Entrepreneurship development, Feasibility study, research methodology, business plan, business communication skills, business administration, principles of management, Project planning & management, monitoring & Evaluation, management of community projects.


Key Researcher in the field of Management, Leadership, Women, entrepreneurship and Environment


Key supervisor of Students in feasibility studies, business plans and general research.


Conducts Career guidance and Counseling to Students


Conducting course reviews


Key Internal and External Examiner, for the Makerere University Business School Affiliated Colleges of Commerce and Institutions.


This has given me experience in teaching effectively, organizing & handling students’ cases, examining, analytical skills, assessing, reviewing courses and researching.

2007-to date:               Key Reviewer on the different course units and strategic plans For Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

This involves making short term, medium term and long term strategic plans that are appropriate to the institutional vision, mission and objectives. In addition, the review of course units helps to update course syrubas that lines with the current job market requirements.

Jan 2015 to October 2016      Key team member that conducted baseline survey for NUSUF 3 project done under the Office of the Prime Minister

                                                This was a MUBS Project

`           Participated in the development of the concept note, Proposal preparation, lead a team to West Nile to collect data, Participated in data analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings to the funders of the project.

January 2017 to Sep 2019     Lead researcher for three teams that won the Norad Grant of 25,000,000/= in 2017, 25,000,000/= in 2018 and 25,000,000/= in 2019 respectively

Lead a team in the development of the concept note, Proposal preparation, Lead a team of research Assistants in collecting data, Participated in data analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings to the funders of the projects.


September 2016 to February 2017:             Qualitative Data Analyst for UK AID GEC (Girls Education Challenge) Project in East Rubeck South    Sudan - The activity was End Line survey       

In the GEC or Girls Education Challenge project i participated in the preparation of the different interview guides for different target groups that acted as units of Inquiry. These were 11 in total and constituted direct and indirect project beneficiaries. So the guides differed in reference to the different project activities that were carried on the respective targeted group. After i lead a team of qualitative data collection. I first trained them thorough on the skill of qualitative data collection, made sure that they familiarized with the questions on the guides to be interviewed in both English and Dika languages because the majority of our respondents were not well versed in English so we choose a team to work with that was well versed with both English and Dika. Lead the process of Qualitative data collection successfully. After field, data was transcribed accordingly, cleaned and organized accordingly. Then after i analyzed the data with the help of the Qualitative data analysis software of Nvivo. Finally finalized with the report writing to get meaning out of the results got basing on the project indicators and the outputs that were needed.


            May to November 2015:       Conducted Human Resource Audit

Reach out Mbuya Uganda

Main activity was to develop the interview tool, conduct various interviews with the different levels of staff in the organisation. Analyzed the findings got from the interviews with the help of the NVIVO software and there after prepared a report to management. Got exposed to how to maintain and handle Employee-Employer relations, How to cut costs in an organisation, the most effective ways/model to retain staff for so long, what makes staff leave the organization, organizational politics and how to handle it, what motivates staff, how to obtain high performance from staff, among others.


2011to 2012:                           Research consultant for Hunger free world Uganda:

Worked as a consultant in the research activities of: preparation of research proposal, Data Collection tools, conducted interviews, and from the interviews i analsed using NVIVO software, i developed a questionnaire and also collected data from the respective respondents. I also carried out Data entry, Analysis and report writing for Hunger Free World Uganda projects. The area of study was “Community participation and sustainability of Hunger Free World Projects in Uganda”. This exposed me to in-depth handling of a live case study research.


October 2015 to April 2016:             Conducted an internal Assessment Evaluation

Ministry of Water and Sanitation facilities in the South West (WSDF-SW) and East (WSDF-E) Branches in Uganda

Activities undertaken were preparation of the techinical and financial proposals in rerfernce tothe requirements of the Request for Expression of Interest and the TOR. Developed an inception report, Had discusions with the contracting team to realign our inception to their intended objectives thus there was re designing of the data collection tools, document reviews, data collection through supply of questions, conducting focus group discussions, and interviewing of the key informats.


Respectively qualitative and quantitative data entry and analysis was done and accordingly a report was generated for each branch/region. This entailed pointing out key areas that required improvement by staff and management so as to improve on the smooth running of the activities and relationships in teams within sections and across sections. Proffessional Finally key recommendations and lessons were suggested basing on the findings and observations made in each facility/branch


2007 to date                            Participated in MUBS Faculty research grants where i have team lead on four research projects and have been a team member on other three research projects.


                                                Some of the Research topics team lead are:

  • Challenges facing micro women entrepreneurs in Uganda
  • Information Channel innovation and Performance of SMEs in Kampala
  • Social Networking And Business Resources Mobilization Among Micro And Small Women Entrepreneurs In Uganda
  • Using ICT to Facilitate the Development of SMEs in Uganda

Other research where i did team lead

  • Leadership Capacity and Quality of Service Delivery in Local Government in Uganda. A Case of the Health Sector
  • Project Leadership and Success of Donor Funded Projects in Local Governments in Uganda: A Case of Selected Districts in Uganda


2013 to 2014:                          Individual research consultant to conduct data collection

                                                Eden Company Limited Uganda

Developed tools (interview guide and questionnaire). Conducted interviews with the best, medium and worst Sugar and forest farmers in Uganda in order to establish the value chain analysis and key success factors for the competiveness or performance of the commercial entrepreneurs involved in the forestry and sugar industries. I got a detailed understanding of the forest business right from production (Farmer) to the trading by the final consumer/user (Miller/ customer). Among the key issues learnt were the how to remain competitive in the forest and sugar industries, the key success factors for better performance, pricing, marketing, and planting/plantation caring, among others.




2010 to 2011:                          Individual M & E Consultant

UWESO Uganda

I got experience in how to conduct M & E activities and also resource mobilization through preparation of grant proposals (Responding to the different calls for the funding) in accordance to the donor objectives and use of predetermined formats for the letter of intent and full proposals among others.


2007 to 2012:                          Key Researcher and M & E Consultant

JCC international consultant Ltd.

Research Activities under taken under JCC were but not limited to: Proposal writing, Data collection, Data Entry and editing, Data Analysis, Report writing, Feasibility studies, Business plan preparation, training and grant proposal preparation. I got experience in conducting and coordinating M & E activities and also research activities such as idea conceptualization, Academic and Grant proposal preparation, data collection of both quantitative and qualitative research designs, analysis, report writing and dissemination of research findings through seminars and, local and international conferences held. In addition, I got experience in offering business clinic to the business men and women in relation to their business challenges.


2014-2015:                              Panalist for Celes international Uganda

Conducted various interviews for various posts/positions

Celes international is a consultant firm in Uganda that links employees to employers as one of its key activities. So before the deciding which employee suits the given organization (client), various interviews have to be conducted as part of the selection process and i have been involved / tasked to assess critically the suitability of the candidates on the various posts basing on the type of organizational needs Vs the suitability of the candidate.


2011 to 2013:                          Executive Secretary

Busoga Development Union (BDU) Kamuli Uganda

I got experienced with overseeing the implementation of all the set activities, organizing for meetings, having a true record of all the organizational proceedings among other roles executed.


June-August, 2004:               Trainee Finance Department

Kakira Sugar Works Ltd. Uganda


I was taken through activities done in the finance department such as how to prepare various records like pay rolls, journals, creditors and debtors accounts. Also I learnt how to prepare financial statements like income statements and balance sheets among others.


I got hands on experience at all stages that clients for the products of sugar and molasses had to go through right from requisition of the product to the gate pass while taking the product.



2017 to date (On-going):       PhD - Thesis Title: Business Training and Performance of SMEs in Uganda.

Makerere University (MUK)


2007-2013:                              Masters of Business Administration (Project Management option)

Makerere University


2002-2005:                              Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small business management (Upper-Second Hons degree)

Makerere University


2000-2001:                              Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

Iganga Senior Secondary School


1996-1999:                              Uganda Certificate of Education

Lake View Senior Secondary School Wanyange


2006 to 2016:                          Short term trainings in:

  • Formulating a background and research problem
  • Literature review
  • Research Methods
  • Report writing and discussion
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email and internet
  • E-Learning
  • Research Publication

All obtained From Makerere University Business School


  • Data analysis packages (SPSS, STATA and NVIVO)
  • Microsoft Projects
  • Use of LCD


All obtained From Makerere University


October 2015:                        Training in the investment decision process and petroleum & energy economics (Gained a certificate after passing an assessment/test)

                                                By Christian Gueritte

                                                Professor Total Professeurs Associes (TPA)


May 2016                               Trained in E-learning Platform

                                                Training organised by Makerere University Business School


Mother tongue(s):       Lusoga and Luganda-           Speaking and Understanding is


Other tongue(s):         English-                                  Speaking and Understanding is

                                                                                        Very good

Swahilli-                                  Speaking and understanding is



Communication skills -         Team working skills:

I have worked in various types of teams for Research/teaching teams to consultancy teams. For a period of over ten years, I have worked in teams effectively as either a leader or a member and this has been successfully due to the good communications skills I showed to the respective team members.


Mediating skills: I work on the borders between University students & the youths in Uganda and Busoga Development Union. For example, i used the media such as radio stations and also used to move physically to the different Universities in order to sensitize them on behalf of Busoga Development Union, on how to create employment opportunities using the available resources in their respective regions in Uganda.


Intercultural skills: I am experienced at working in the International Conferences Organized by Makerere University Business School such as being a rapporteur


Organizational / managerial skills: I have worked as an executive secretary for Busoga development Union and a CEO for JCC International consultants Limited. This has exposed to learning the organizational and managerial skills such as organizing and chairing various meetings, workshops and dialogues, taking strategic decisions on behalf of the firms, coming up with the control systems to run the firms, lobbing for funds and important networks among others.

I have been nominated to be on the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Academic staff Research and planning committee for over four years. During this period, I have been able to organize for research workshops such as research methods, literature review, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing and publication among others for the Academic staff of MUBS.




Computer skills:                                Competent with most Microsoft Office programmes

Experience with use of LCD, SPSS, MS projects, STATA and Nvivo, Email and internet

Other skills:                                        Enjoy all sports particularly Volley ball and Swimming.


Love to travel and experience different cultures


Interpersonal skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, teaching skills, entrepreneurship skills, examining skills and training skills


Contact information of the Referees:


  1. Kayongo N. Isaac

Head of Department/ Senior Lecturer Leadership and Governance

Makerere University Business School

P.O BOX 1337, Kampala

Mobile: (+256) 712923892/ 756 747 950

Email: [email protected]


  1. Imaka Andrew

CEO Busoga Development Union

Mobile: (+256) 772 546 411 /702 546 411 /711 546 411

Email: [email protected]


  1. Mr Batte Fred

Country Director

Hunger Free World Uganda

P.O. Box 31067, Kampala

Mobile: (+256) 772 409 664

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]



I hereby certify that the information given above to the best of my knowledge is correct

Signature   Namaganda Christine, 3rd /10/2019.






Last Resume Update February 26, 2020
Address Kampala, Uganda
E-mail n[email protected]
Phone Number +256773828083

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