Agronomist and business expert in management.

Bbumba Nelson is an agronomist. He is a Chartered Quality Agriculturist and marketing personnel currently works for equator seeds limited as a sales agronomist, he also holds a degree in Ndejje University. Nelson began his professional work journey with Muzande in Mukono as an agronomist after his study from University as a volunteer, ran out of money for transport and ended up as the default speaker for a Youth Camp in Parent Every Child Foundation. 

Nelson is also Counselor/Facilitator for the Parent every child foundation, which helps to facilitate children in remote areas on their values and responsibilities as expected by the government . In addition, Nelson is an active alumni member of Rotary in Uganda, where he assists with the assessment of programmes. Nelson is also a Visiting Executive Facilitator at BDC Rwanda, which is supported by World Vision USA. Nelson uses his knowledge and skills to build the farmers in training sessions on crop protection, fertiliser application,operational and farm management skills. As an agriculturist - Nelson is an Independent Certified Agronomist, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with the Parent every child foundation. Team and attributes a lot of his leadership skills to John Maxwell- one of his greatest mentors and who is the most influential leadership expert in the world. 

Having worked in volunteer management for the last 5 years, Nelson has developed transferable and practical skills that would be an invaluable asset in the following areas: advocacy; project management, empathy, strategic leadership, business development, working within multicultural settings, proficient fundraising, people management and creativity.

Last Resume Update May 19, 2023
Address kampala, Uganda
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