at Masindi District Local Government
Location Kampala, Uganda
Date Posted December 2, 2019
Category Healthcare
Currency UGX


Job Title : Radiographer
Salary Scale : U5
Reports To : Senior Medical Officer
Responsible For : Darkroom Attendant
Job Purpose
To carry out radiographic imaging for diagnosis treatment and management of patients
Key Outputs
i. Work plans and budgets prepared;
ii. Patients prepared for investigation and treatment;
iii. Radiographic imaging carried out;
iv. Patients protected against radiation;
v. Patients in need of specialized imaging referred;
vi. Radiographic operational equipment maintained;
vii. Materials and sundries requisitioned and accounted for; and
viii. Reports prepared and submitted.
Key Functions
i. Preparing and submitting work plans and budgets for radiographic activities in the hospital;
ii. Preparing patients for radiographic investigation and treatment;
iii. Carrying out radiographic imaging and submit reports to Clinician;
iv. Providing protection to patients against radiation and radioactive materials;
v. Identifying and recommending referral of patients in need of specialized imaging;
vi. Maintaining radiographic operational equipment;
vii. Requisitioning and accounting for radiographic materials and sundries allocated; and
viii. Preparing and submitting performance reports to relevant authorities.


Planning, organizing and coordinating;
Guidance and counseling;
Records and Information management;
Information Technology;
Concern for quality and standards;
Ethics and integrity; and
Time management.

Education Requirements

Must have a Diploma in Medical Radiography from a recognized Institution.
Must be registered and licensed with the Allied Health Professionals Council.