Principal Internal Auditor

at Rubirizi District Local Government
Location Kampala, Uganda
Date Posted December 10, 2019
Category Accounting & Finance
Currency UGX


Job Title :Principal Internal Auditor
Salary Scale : U2
Reports to : District Council
Responsible for : Senior Internal Auditor
Job Purpose
To head the Internal Audit and provide technical support and guidance on financial performance and
quality assurance Services in systems of internal control, risk management and governance processes in
the District.
Key Outputs
i. District Audit Function Managed and coordinated;
ii. Special Audit assignments carried out;
iii. Risk management process facilitated and evaluated;
iv. Internal Audit reports produced and submitted to relevant authorities;
v. Financial Internal Controls evaluated and reviewed;
vi. Financial Auditing executed;
vii. Audit inspection and Performance Audit carried out;
viii. Implementation of Audit recommendations carried out;
ix. Receipt custody and utilization of financial resources controlled; and
x. Financial and operational procedures to ensure value for money facilitated.
Key Functions
i. Managing and coordinating District Audit Function;
ii. Carrying out Special Audit assignments;
iii. Facilitating and evaluating Risk management process;
iv. Producing and submitting Internal Audit reports to relevant authorities;
v. Evaluating and reviewing Financial Internal Controls;
Ministry of Public Service P. O. Box 7003 Kampala. E-mail [email protected] Fax 0414-255463/4 Tel. No. 250534/6 Page 93
vi. Executing Financial Auditing;
vii. Carrying out Audit inspection and Performance Audit;
viii. Carrying out Implementation of Audit recommendations;
ix. Controlling receipt custody and utilization of financial resources; and
x. Facilitating financial and operational procedures to ensure value for money.


Financial management;
Planning, Organizing and Coordinating;
Information Technology;
Ethics and integrity;
Concern for quality and standards;

Experience Requirements

At least six (6) years working experience three (3) of which at the level of Senior Internal Auditor in a public or reputable organization.

Education Requirements

Honors Bachelors degree in Accounting or Auditing from a recognized University or Institution plus full Professional qualifications in Accounting or Auditing from a recognized a
recognized awarding Institution;
Full Professional Qualifications in Accounting or Auditing from a recognized awarding Institution plus a minimum of a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management or Auditing or
Business Administration from a recognized Institution.