Call for proposals – Security Services

at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Location Kampala, Uganda
Date Posted February 11, 2024
Category Management
Currency UGX


SNV has an annual turnover of €130 million, over 1,250 staff in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organization that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.

Job Description

SNV Netherlands Development organisation is interested in improving service delivery in all its office locations in Uganda and looking out for proposals from interested Potential and competent services/companies for Security services. It is the intent of this RFP? or Request for Quotations (RFQ) to secure competitive proposals to select a security company to provide security services for SNV Uganda program offices in the following locations.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Plot 36 Luthuli rise, Bugolobi
SNV Netherlands Development organisation, Enyau Road, Arua

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Plot 10, Hajji Kisaka Road, Mbarara
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Plot 3 Kabalega Road, Lira
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Plot 2/4, Rwenzori Road, Fort Portal
Administrative requirement to be submitted.

The submitted proposal must include the following mandatory attachments. If any of the documents and information is missing, the proposal shall be rejected.

Signature to comply with SNV policies and allow SNV conduct reference checks.
Copy of business registration documents (proof of legal operation in Uganda)
Insurance policies e.g. workers compensation insurance etc.
Bid validity of 60 days from date of submission and state any additional services that SNV should consider in the bid.
Company profile and qualification of senior managers and all staff to be deployed in SNV offices.
References from at least three companies/organisations where similar security services have been or are provided by your company in the last five (5) years and shall include customer name, official email, address of company, telephone number.
Complete detailed pricing proposal based on the details in the RFP VAT exclusive.
Valid trading licence
Tax clearance certificate from URA addressed to SNV.
Sample copy of contract and or standard terms and conditions generally associated with the requested services.
Licence from the Uganda police allowing the security company to operate.
The company

A well-reputed, experienced, and professional security services company having the work experience with large multinationals, international organizations, and foreign diplomatic missions.
The company must have efficient and effective logistics and communication supports and facilities along with an effective logistical presence in SNV program office location.

Security services delivered by the company shall be performed on seven (7) days per week twenty-four (24-hour) basis at the designated SNV facilities.

’Security Personnel’ shall be properly trained and licensed, in accordance with local law, to perform security services.
‘Security Personnel’ shall be uniformed and wear appropriate identification badges.
All ‘Security Personnel’ must be the employees of the security company (not temporary contracted personnel).
The ‘Security Guard Company’ must obtain necessary police verification of all the security personnel well in advance of assignment to perform services under this contract. The names of the ‘Security Personnel’ shall be shared with ’SNV Security Focal Point (SFP)’ including letters from area local councils where the security staff reside and copies of their national ID’s.
The security Company will ‘Inspect the Guard Posts’ a minimum of once daily and immediately implement any observable measures for improvement.
All security personnel should be in appropriate physical and mental state so as to be able to deliver the best possible services of the contract. The security guard company will have to ensure proper rotation of the duties as needed. As such, the ‘Security Personnel Duty Roster’ must be submitted to the authorized SNV SFP of the office for verification and further instructions (if any).
The security service provider will have to maintain a pool of additional guards to cover for the absence of regular guards due to leave, sickness or other reasons.
Potential ’Security Guard Company’ must have a systematic reporting procedure on current risk/ threat analysis including any other factors/ situation having effect on safety and security of the personnel and office. The security company should make suggestions to the SFP of the office well in advance on possible measures to be taken for any special occasion/ events with security implications for personnel and premises.
‘Security Personnel’ will ensure that any person removing equipment from the office premises presents and valid document with authorized signature which permits removal of that equipment. The gate passes will be submitted to the authorized SFP in the office location with a copy filed by the security personnel. This is to be done for record keeping, verification/scrutiny.
All security personnel must be issued with appropriate identification card by the office which is to be kept visible always.
‘Security Personnel’ will ensure that all visitors coming inside office premises to visit/ meet any staff are respectfully searched as per set access control guideline irrespective of their identity. Visitors must be issued with visitor identification card and will be wearing the visitor identification card visibly.
In case of any stranger/visitor, Security Guard Company with the help of security personnel on duty will behave politely, listen carefully to their requests, and inform that their requests are going to be forwarded to appropriate official through reception. They won’t allow to enter in any other area of the office and will follow instruction received from reception.
‘Security Supervisor/Guard’ shall in no case allow entry into the premises any visitor who does not have an appointment. In case the intended staff cannot be contacted, access will not be granted unless requested by any staff inside the office.
In case of fire, the security personnel on duty of the potential ‘Security Guard Company’ will identify the place of fire and use nearest fire extinguisher of the floor to extinguish fire if possible. At the same time, request people near the scene to leave for safe area and close the area. In case the fire is beyond his control, the Security Supervisor will contact the authorized SFP of the office to notify about the incident to announce building evacuation and appropriate action is taken by the office. They will also check if anybody is there around the scene and request them to leave the area and inform Fire Brigade for assistance.
In case of building evacuation is ordered during any disaster/emergency, the security personnel on duty of the potential ‘Security Guard Company’ will follow the instructions set in SOP or as received from the authorized SFP of the office/Fire Warden. The security personnel will not allow any unauthorized person to enter the premises during such evacuation.

In case of office invasion, forced entry or any such situation, the security personnel on duty of the potential ‘Security Guard Company’ by all possible means will try to contain and immediately inform the authorized SFP of the office about the incident. In such a case, performance of the guards must be prompt, smart and will try to give accurate and precise information as far as possible.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ is to ensure that the post order is written clearly and is readily available in the post. Guards must know, understand and implement the post order.
All SOPs and Post Order must be provided in writing by the potential ‘Security Guard Company’ to the authorized SFP of the office for vetting prior to implementation. This will also be applicable for any amendment to practiced orders.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ shall have meetings on monthly, quarterly basis and as and when required with the authorized SFP of the office to discuss issues and for decisions on important issues.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ will have to understand clearly and convey to the Security Supervisor that he receives all regular operational instructions directly in writing or verbally on ad-hoc basis, on urgent issues or in case of emergency from the authorized SFP of the office.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ must employ adequately trained person (i.e., training on security duty, security equipment handling, incident management, firefighting, first aid, crowd control, suspicious pouch, bomb and telephone threat handling, communication equipment handling, etc.). Arrangement for refresher training (quarterly basis), on the job training, specialized training as needed and training for newly joined staff must also be catered for.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ must be capable of deploying an Emergency Security Force at offices with a short notice of within 24 hours.
The company commits to maintaining a fully operational 24/7 Communication Center, accessible for security guards to promptly alert in the event of an incident. Subsequently, the operations center will notify the strategically positioned Mobile Response Teams by the company, ensuring swift intervention at the SNV facility. [in the contract the company should indicate the maximum time of intervention of the response team once alerted]. If necessary and in accordance with local law, the response team coordinates with local authorities, law enforcement, or emergency services to ensure a coordinated and effective response.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ will be responsible for the safe custody and maintenance of equipment that are assigned to them for managing security of the office. eDtk3Dn veIL8
The company and its security personnel must have ability to react and handle unforeseen security situations and hazards.
The company shall promptly reimburse SNV for any losses resulting from the theft of items attributed to the negligence of the security guards.
The potential ‘Security Guard Company’ may be requested to perform any other duties assigned by the authorized SFP which forms part of security management.
Technical Specifications

Take charge of the Office premises both day and night Internal (provide unarmed guards), unless specifically asked for any one point in time at any site.
Ensure safety and provide security to all SNV Property inside the office premises.
Provide and share security incident reports in case of any incident, as well as weekly security report.
Be flexible, vigilant and on standby to provide extra/swap security guards as requested by SNV and when needed.

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